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The truth is that with the huge social sites available today

If you want to succeed online you need traffic and most people have false, limiting beliefs that getting traffic is a difficult thing. Then this belief becomes a reality for them. If you want to make it big online, if you want your website business to experience explosive growth then you must firmly and passionately believe that you can do it!
This is not about the Law of Attraction or all that New Age stuff (I am not against them), it is about pure common sense. If you don't believe in your success how on earth can you succeed?

Here are the top-3 Myths/Beliefs that are actually preventing you from getting all the traffic you wish and more:

Limiting Myth #1: If you want to generate lots of quality traffic you have to be an expert, a "guru".

Wrong! Although being an internet marketing "guru" means you know how to get your traffic and succeed, the truth is you only need to be better than the average person in your industry. It is not hard to be on top of the average person in your market if you are focused on educating yourself and keep learning the nuts and bolts of your industry.

What happens in reality though is that most people do not believe in their content or products/services and they sabotage their own plans for success.

Limiting Myth #2: If you want to generate lots of quality traffic you need lots of time.

Wrong! It does not take long time to build traffic to even an average site. Then why it takes so much time for most people to build it? I assume its because they are doing it wrong! For example:

- They spend lots of money to buy their traffic instead of generating it themselves.
- They put all their efforts/attention in the quantity of traffic instead of quality.
- They believe that adding more and more quality content, their site will get noticed by everyone in time.

The truth is that with the huge social sites available today, it is easier than ever to start generating traffic immediately.

Limiting Myth #3: If you want need to generate lots of quality traffic you should buy all the paid tools and info products out there and test everything you find online...

Wrong, wrong, wrong! The truth is you actually have all the tools you need at your disposal and funny thing is that most of them are super popular and free! But if you are like the majority of website owners/webmasters you've been kept in the shadows of what's working and what's not (when it comes to generating quality, tightly targeted traffic).

Why have you been kept in the dark? Simply because all these people who know what actually works and what really makes money, will not share their secrets with just anybody. It makes sense right? Would you give your business secrets to a competitor? Of course not. I know, I know it helps to share stuff sometimes but you must know what to share and when to share it...

So, these are the top-3 myths about getting traffic. These days there are so many super popular sites (social networking sites, article directories and press release sites, special sites like squidoo or hubpages) that can get you tons of traffic if you consistently following (or inventing) a traffic generation strategy that brings you all the quality traffic you want.

I hope this article will inspire you to start building your own traffic generating technique(s). I have also written other articles about internet marketing, traffic and SEO, please check my yahoo writer's profile.

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