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The movie 2Fast 2Furious

The movie 2Fast 2Furious stars Paul Walker and Tyrese in an action packed car thriller that is a great film for anyone to watch. Paul Walker returns in the sequel of the Fast and Furious. In this film Tyrese replaces Vin Deisel as Walker's main partner.

The film starts off taking place at a drag street race with three races getting ready to race. The race is hosted by rapper and actor Ludacris who has a big role in the film as a gambler and hustler. The races have to find a fourth driver and the get Paul Walker to come, who plays the role of detective O'conner.

Right out of the gate the film starts off great with the street race. The cars go so fast and towards the end of the race they have to drive off a bridge and race towards the finsih line. When the race ends, it is broken up by police cars who disarm Walker's car and bring him back to the police station. Walker's status as a cop has been removed because he allowed Vin Deisel to walk away a free man in the first film which angered his bosses.

Walker is used as an undercover agent to become a driver for a drug export criminal named Carter Verone played by an actor named Hauser. He is given another police officer to work with as a car racing driver but refuses and insisits on working with someone her knows.

He goes to smash car racing where his childhood friend Roman Pierce races. Pierce and Oconner have a history together in which Oconner put Pierce in jail for stealing cars and parts. The tow men work together along with an undercover drug agent to get information about Carter Verone. Verone tests their skills by having them break into a car impound and retrieve a bag of cigars. Once they get close to Verone they are able to relay information to the feds.

In their final task for Verone, they have to transport his drug money from one place to another without the cops catching them. In a confusing scene, the local police are unaware that Pierce and Oconner are undercover agents so they chase the two men. The FBI agents are also following them.

In the final scene, Pierce and Occoner disguise themselves by switching their cars and throwing off FBI and local police detectives. As they chase Verone, he discovers the undercover female FBI agent and holds her hostage. In a terrific stunt, Paul Walker drives her car off a hill and onto Verone's boat, catching him by surprise. Verone is captured and Walker and Pierce are able to leave the FBI.

This film was really exciting. Paul Walker and Tyrese really work well together and develop good chemistry on the set. The car racing scenes are thrilling but I still think that the original FAst and Furios film was better. however, if u enjoyed the first film, i still think you should watch this sequel.

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