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Thanksgiving Dinner Green Beans

When our daughters were younger Thanksgiving used to be a huge occasion. We had a lot more extended family then. Thanksgiving dinner was always a challenge for us. My house was the only place where the family could gather without someone creating a ruckus (most of the time).
Hubby and I went to great lengths to plan seating arrangements that kept the "in-laws" separated from the "out-laws" and the kids together. This worked fabulously but it took careful coordination and made planning Thanksgiving dinner a real challenge.

One year I decided that I was going to cut the stress as much as possible and started investigating ways to use the crock pot. This was the best thing I ever did. Once I started in with crock pots for Thanksgiving Dinner I never went back.

If you are look for easy Thanksgiving Dinner recipes these may help. Other than the turkey and the dressing most everything else can be put into a crock pot.

Thanksgiving Dinner Green Beans

If you have frozen green beans left from your garden, Great! If not, use canned. Put as many into the crock pot as it (or your guests) will hold. Don't fill it quite to the top. Leave at least an inch worth a space for steam to build. Toss in a few bullion cubes and bits of bacon or ham. Add enough water to just about cover the green beans.

I do this at about 8:00 in the morning and set the crock pot to cook for 4 hours. This makes a yummy vegetable dish for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

Mashed Potatoes

Use real potatoes. Peel them and cut them into chunks. Boil them in the stove in a large pot for 20 minutes. Pour them into the crock pot to keep them warm for your Thanksgiving dinner. Use the lowest setting. Add salt, butter and milk right before putting the mashed potatoes on the table.

Spiced apples.

One of our favorite Thanksgiving dinner recipes is spiced apples. They are super easy to make and have less sugar than pie.

Spray the crockpot with nonstick cooking spray. Chop, core and peel apples. Place them in the crock pot and layer with a few dabs of butter or margarine. (Ok, I cheat here and use a margarine spray but it doesn't have quite the same flavor.) Then sprinkle lightly with allspice and repeat the process. It's apple, margarine or butter, allspice all the way to the top of the crock pot. When you are finished pour apple juice or cider over the mixture. Set the crock pot to cook in 6 hours. It will be ready for dessert by the time you are.

Our family likes this Thanksgiving dinner recipe dipped over angel food cake or topped with cool whip. Yum!

Personal experience fixing Thanksgiving Dinner for 30 or more people for years.

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