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Places to Shop in Wausau: Clay Corner Studio

Wausau, Wisconsin is a small town of around 40,000 people in the heart of the state. This city offers great shopping with its number of boutiques located along the River District (on the east side of the Wisconsin River). Among these boutiques, a few stand out as truly unique and worth the visit. Be sure to go to these three shops when visiting Wausau.
Places to Shop in Wausau: Evolutions in Design

This is a refurbished townhouse that has been decked out with flowers and stocked with merchandise ranging from apparel to household items to bath and beauty products. One can browse and wander upstairs through the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms all while looking at quaint furniture and items for sale. Downstairs is a spectacular florist department that puts together unique flower arrangements for any type of event.

Places to Shop in Wausau: Sweets on 3rd

This Wausau sweets shop is a must see for the chocolate connoisseur! They have gourmet truffles, gelato, and even Whoopie pie mixes! One can buy chocolate and sit in the table at the front of the store and enjoy the view of Wausau's River District and storefronts. The truffles, though pricey at two plus dollars each, are to die for! I highly recommend the port wine and whisky infused dark chocolates, though all are stellar! Though other chocolate shops exist in Wausau, Sweets on 3rd is truly this town's gem!

Places to Shop in Wausau: Clay Corner Studio

Clay Corner Studio is sandwiched between the River District and the mall, just south of the square. Here one can shop for bowls, vases, dishes, and even shot glasses and piggy banks! Once an item is selected, one simply sits in the shop and paints the item using any number of colors of paint located in the back area. This shop does not charge a sitting fee for the painting or for the firing of the item, but the prices of the items themselves are slightly inflated to account for these expenses. For example, in the shop I purchased a coffee mug for twelve dollars and a cereal bowl for ten. The experience is definitely worth the money, and the environment of this Wausau shop allows you to relax and be creative

Places to Shop in Wausau: Conclusion

If you are planning a trip to the River District of downtown Wausau, then plan to shop at any of these three places for a fabulous afternoon!

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