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My daughter is terrified of storms

My daughter is terrified of storms. Unfortunately for her, we live in Florida. She's had to weather many hurricanes and tropical storms. We play pretend games to pass the time and help her stay calm during the worst of the storm. Here are three games that will keep kids entertained while you wait for a storm to pass.
Pretend you're camping.

We put on our pajamas and bring our sleeping bags and pillows into the living room. Our daughter brings her favorite dolls and stuffed animals. We have battery operated flame-less candles. We put those in the center of the living room floor and sit around them. We pretend the candles are our campfire. We tell stories and sing songs. Then we lay down in our sleeping bags and point out constellations we imagine in the sky.

Pretend to be reporters.

My daughter loves to play spy, so being a reporter is right up her alley. She dresses in what she feels is her most professional business attire, often borrowing items from my closet. Her father plays camera man and videos her with our digital camera. I'm usually her assistant. We have hurricane impact windows that don't need to be boarded up. She peaks out the windows and then she reports on the conditions she sees outside. She also conducts interviews (of our cats) to see how other citizens feel about the storm. Sometimes she writes her report down and distributes it to her father and I as a newspaper.

Pretend you're shipwrecked.

We build a big "cave" in the living room by taking the cushions off the couch and draping blankets over it, the armchair and coffee table. We start off sitting on the couch cushions on the floor. They act as our boats or rafts. We listen to the wind and rain and imagine our boats tossing and turning then crashing on the shore. We are thrilled to find the cave and take shelter inside.

These games are great to play even when we lose electricity. After all, electricity isn't usually available on a camping trip or when you're shipwrecked and reporters need to be prepared to deal with all types of conditions. They keep my daughter distracted and entertained until she either falls asleep or the weather calms down.

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