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If you and your significant other are newlyweds

If you and your significant other are newlyweds, you may already discussed the topic of budgeting. Budgeting can be thought of as a "dirty" word for most, but it is a necessary function of starting out for a majority of newlywed couples. Discussing how to use money wisely comes up for topics such as bills, food and other commonalities of life but there is a topic that most newlywed couples don't talk about at the very beginning: vacations. There are two ideas on vacationing with your honey for an enjoyable time inexpensively.

Have a Stay-Cation: Sure, staying at home doesn't sound like much of a vacation, but if you are creative, you'll be having fun in no time. Go to your local park, have a picnic and enjoy the scenery with your spouse. Better yet, you could plan an itinerary for the day. A template for your itinerary could be: Starting your day bright and early at your favorite coffee shop for a light breakfast and your favorite coffee, a mid-morning job in your local park, basking in the nice weather having a picnic with your honey, followed by a mid-afternoon nap at home. Later, you and your significant other could go to the movies and then go to a nice candlelight dinner for two at the fanciest restaurant in town.

Travel to a Destination in your home state: Its almost like a stay-cation, but a little more adventurous than staying at home. Although it will be more costly than developing an itinerary for enjoying your time together closer to home, you and your significant other can enjoy a nice get-away vacation, enjoying the sites and activities in a different city of your home state. Some activities that may spark your interest could be: Going to an amusement or water park, experiencing the scenery of an area downtown, shopping at the mall, or visiting the museum.

There are enough obstacles ahead for newlywed couples. Having a decent, enjoyable vacation shouldn't be one of them. Which ever destination that you and your spouse decide to go, be safe and remember to have fun.

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