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Dallas County Health Department.

Are you sexually active? If so, it's good to know where you can easily buy condoms to help you engage in safe sex. Your health and your partner's health could be at risk if you fail to engage in safe sex, so let condoms help you engage in the act of safe sex to help reduce the risk of various types of infections. Here are 3 places that condoms are readily available in the Oaklawn District of Dallas, Texas:
Dallas County Health Department. According to the Dallas News, the Dallas County Health Department now distributes condoms to help sexually active people engage in safe sex. The Dallas County Health Department, located at 5201 Harry Hines Boulevard in Dallas, Texas is a free clinic, so this is a good place to go for condoms. According to East Coast Health Insurance, you don't even need an appointment when you visit a free clinic in Texas.

Condom Sense. If you're in need of a quick box of condoms, you can easily walk on over to the Condom Sense store, located at 4038 Cedar Springs Road, right on the gay strip in the Oaklawn District of Dallas, Texas. This store sells much more than condoms, but the store can surely provide you with the very product that it claims in its name. The store is literally within walking distance of many of the bars on the Dallas Oaklawn Strip, so take advantage of the store's convenience.

Walgreens. If you cannot plan ahead enough to visit the free Dallas County Health Department, and you don't feel comfortable visiting the Condom Sense store, you can always visit Walgreens, located at 3802 Cedar Springs Road in Oaklawn Dallas. This store is located on the corner, right across from The Melrose, so you can still enjoy the convenience of location with the privacy you may desire when you go to buy condoms for your sexual activity. This Walgreens is a 24-hour store, so this makes it even more convenient, but you may end up paying a good penny for the product.

Now that you have three convenient locations at which to get condoms for sexual protection, you can now enjoy safe sex. Don't risk your health or your partner's health by neglecting to practice safe sex. Take advantage of the 3 locations in the Dallas area that can provide you with the protection for safe sex.


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