viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

About me

1. The opportunity must be seized. 

"I'd rather have more personal things only when I know the other wants to hear" well you also ever thought? But to tell personal things before you have to get an appointment. And for that it serves the "about me". No one asks you to throw all the eggs in one basket; there are issues that are best treated face to face and in private. But one thing is certain: if you fill the "about me", many receive less mail. How will your future partner choose you, if you do not know anything special about you?

1. February. Trap negativity. 

"Fragile Girl looking couple with a big heart who does not care about the flaws." Sometimes, because of fear, we tend to be too hard on ourselves. Even if you have issues that you think that the other person will be a challenge, do not you describe negatively, as this shows that you have a clear inferiority complex.Try to be as positive as possible!

3. Special Se. 

If everyone says the same thing, the "about me" not much. The first thing to do is write the first thing that crosses their mind, but on paper. The second step is to think about what you would for example your neighbor, or your uncle Eduardo. We all like to see a sunset, or wake up with the couple in bed. So these issues are and can cross off the list. The topics do not help you stand out from the rest, and it will make you seem boring, innova, sure have a lot to say.

4. April. Searches specific words 

tilizin specific phrases instead of general. Examples: "I ​​love spaghetti al pesto" instead of "I like Italian food." Or "I like traveling to ancient cities and think how they lived before their customs" instead of "I like to travel."Try it, it's not that hard! And a bonus tip: think you had a good day, and simply describe its details.

5. May. Better be a little too banal to be correct. 

It is best to avoid moral phrases like "two things that I can not separate." Naturally all in case of an emergency we could remove all material objects (less than the lenses in for some ...). Try writing more real things, like "I can not go out without my camera" or "still collecting toy cars." Such statements demonstrate how you are, and especially will help you get a date, that is what is all about.

6. Try to give your profile a face 

Naturally when writing about your appearance, you could easily put a "I'm great!". But our advice is do not fall in phrases like this, because basically they are not saying much, do not give information. Try a little more specific: hair color, eyes, hair, or the way you dress ... So you're giving the other person a very valuable information that will give you an idea of ​​how you are. This section of "about me" is very important because it will be displayed on the front page of your profile. Another tip: dejate help by friends.Many times they know better how to ourselves!

7. Consider the reader. 

The last point, "what my partner should know about me," is ideal for writing the required information and you believe that you have not put in the profile. As your preferences or review distance relationships. Or write the results of your test gay-Parship. Watch your profile with the reader's eyes, and remember that the other person will only know what you've decided to put no more. Experiment a little, because you can always change the written information and redraft.Have fun!

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